Saturday, March 26, 2016

Exhausted Easter

As soon as I picked the boys up from the blackout at church, I drove them over to have breakfast with the Easter bunny at Chick-fil-A!

I was super excited about the photo opp, but they were just tired tired tired!
I had them drink iced coffee (Sprite for Will) to keep the conscious,
but it was a nightmare. W tried to cooperate, but couldn't keep his eyes open all the way,
and B cried and refused a cash bribe before he finally agreed to have his picture taken!
They had other crafts and activities there (and our friends, the Cordes') but the boys weren't having it! They fell asleep in the van on the way back home and slept for the next two hours!

Then, (poor boys) I woke them up for the egg hunt at our Upward church, they wanted candy, but were less than thrilled about doing the actual activity!

B did exactly one of the carnival games provided,
then after I was able to beg a few pictures out of them,

They spent the rest of the time waiting for the hunt to start doing this:

After a short devotional we couldn't really hear (the speaker was quiet and we were distracted by Kari, Doug and kids arriving), it was time to hunt!

Poor B was so sleepy that he didn't realize that they had started already until I called his name three times and told him to go!!

He didn't much feel like hurrying either, so only got nine or so eggs.
Big Kids turn!
W and his friend, Cole, ready for some eggs!

W was an egg collecting machine!

They both seemed more awake after that, and were able to stay awake for lunch (Easter egg salad and veggies)!

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