Sunday, March 6, 2016

Last Basketball Game of the Season

Last game! Nuna and Auntie Babe came to cheer! Coach E had 11 players, so B didn't play the first two periods....I heckled him a bit for that!)
B can talk to anyone!
I love how he runs!
I didn't get pictures during W's game, because my cheerleaders were cheering at the same time on a different court. E took video on the gopro, though! (Can't wait to see his finished highlight reel!) You can see me leading cheers at around 1:44 and 2:37 on THIS recap video.

Three of my girls "graduated" out of the program, one of them wants to come back as my assistant! :)
After the game, W's coach had a cookie cake and handed out pictures she had printed off of each player in action. (I loved that idea so much, I went home and printed pictures to give to my cheerleaders at the award ceremony!)

One last picture...
of our Upward family! (It will be nice to have our Saturdays back!)

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