Sunday, March 13, 2016

Screaming Kids, parts 2-4

AWANA games day! We got up early for our road trip. I "made" breakfast! (Thank you, gift card!)

An hour of making E listen to my tunes later, we arrived at Cedarville!
First up, W and the T&T games! Our team:
Running in: VIDEO

Go red line!
W's biggest fans!
 Making a poster and screamin' and stompin'!

W's 3 legged race w/ Jonathan.

a no-look hi 5 for Miss Betty
W rocked the individual relay!


Coach Brandon said he will probably be running the sixth grade six lapper next year!
Getting their second place patches.
Good job, T&T-ers,
You worked hard!

After a church provided brown bag lunch for the boys (PBJ, Cheetos, fruit roll ups, cosmic brownie and juice pouch) and a packed McDonalds salad to eat with concession stand chicken for me, we moved bleachers (twice) and got ready for B's turn, Sparks-a-rama!

While we waited, W and I made crazy faces,

while B refused to save his energy for his upcoming events, and instead, ran around like a crazy person, tried to do handstands,
and showed off his one-handed pushups!
Sweaty, but ready!
Crosspointe Baptist! (I think next year we should run in all in unison to intimidate people, ha ha!)
Pledges. There were a lot more Sparks than T&T groups.
Ready for the crawl!

bean bag relay
balloon volleyball

pool noodle relay
balloon tunnel

waiting for the results...

I slept on the way back, (until B kept crinkling a chip bag near my head) and then again when we got home and realized we had more than an hour until we had to leave for a birthday party. (Best. nap. ev-ah!)

After a hairstyle/outfit change and a quick snack for me, so I wouldn't be tempted by pizza and cake, we were off to Chuck E. Cheese for my best friend's son! It was super busy there! (E figured out it was because they serve beer!)

E walked around with the boys while they spent their tokens. I guarded the presents and talked diets with a personal trainer girl entering a bikini contest (they have to have only 15% body fat! I'm pretty sure I'm at 89% ha ha!) Then it was time for pizza, cake and presents! 

He seemed to like the ninja turtle walkie talkies! Happy fifth birthday, Z!

E was so done with the day, that when it was time to cash in the tickets, he tried to bribe B with a dollar to just skip it, ha ha!
Got home in time to put the kids in bed and change the clocks back! Phew, a busy day!

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