Friday, March 25, 2016

This Week

Beautiful weather- we took our first family walk of the year!

Voting day took me by surprise. I had one friend voting for Trump because she doesn't want Hillary, another who was voting for Kasich because she didn't want Trump. I decided to go with my heart

After voting, I went to the doctor for my annual physical. My vitamin D levels are normal!

I made chicken cordon bleu for the first time. Good, but not worth the calories!

 After dinner, B begged his dad to take him running. A whole mile and a half later, (Phew! I've never even ran our whole cul de sac!) they were back! E taught him that running farts were "energy boosts"!

E had the day off work and got us Chipotle for lunch, yum! (Can't believe I ate a whole burrito AND chips and guacamole!!)
My new favorite snack!
 I got rid of a trash bag full of clothes and organized my closet.
March Madness, ugh!

My one true love! (Got to caffeine up before game night with the Falks!) I also had a Wendy's burger, half a meal from Long John's Silver and a piece of Kari's oreo dessert..totally overdid it!
 E, dropping the dice after winning the first game.
After that, I made Kari look through my photo book (in between all her nose blowing-allergy season has hit her hard!), then Dan won game two! We girls are due a victory! A little March Madness and light internet stalking of Savannah's mom, the trainer, and we called it a night!

E went in to work, so the boys and I ran errands, got lunch and haircuts.
Another new favorite! Perfect in a protein shake with half a banana!
 (I bought a chocolate kind, too. Hoping to replace B's Nutella! I also got some beanitos -bean based tortilla chips!)

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