Saturday, March 12, 2016

Upward Awards

Upward Awards Night! The boys got to actually attend this year because AWANA games practices had been rescheduled! E and I had to be there early because we were coaches.

I was supposed to lead a quick practice for the third-sixth grade cheerleaders on the routine they were doing that night, but a bunch of girls were late, and some were injuired. Stress! We had a plan B, and got some practice in the back room and hallway, so it worked out!

We were right after the introduction/super loud team announcements. but I had enough time to take pictures of my guys before we began.
(E said B was "doing everything I told him not to.")

Waiting for our cue:

Our cheer on video- HERE.

We all listened to Pastor James,

the kindergarteners did their cheer (isn't my niece, R, cute?!)

we watched the highlight video(E is coaching at 15 seconds)
then all the coaches and teams were excused to hand out the end of the year gift (bags) and say goodbye to our teams. (My assistant coach, Sara, is moving to Florida to nanny for a family there.)

 I got a chocolate bar, a McDonald's gift card

and a sweet thank you card (plus the Sweet Frog gift card we got from Upward))! I also got a splits picture of me and one of my sixth graders, Krysten. Ha ha!

Great end to a fun year!

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