Sunday, April 10, 2016

Family Visit

Our weekend was wide open, we were all set for an entire day of nothing when dad called. They had decided not to go to Zack's bowling tournament because of weather/traffic, so I invited them to come visit us!

E didn't bat an eyelash, just asking if he should buy some drinks for my dad. (I think he was glad they could help move his most recents toy purchase-the gun safe,

which now, thanks to my dad and brother's help has a place of honor next to our bed!!)

As soon as they arrived, we all headed to Chipotle. Zach rode with us because he had spent the long ride from Indiana "stuck between two women!. He  told us how he listens to hard rock and how sometimes, it has cuss words in it. Then, he cracked E and I up...."Sometimes I say cuss words on accident...sometimes I say them on purpose." (ack!!)

I was thoroughly enjoying my free chips and gauc and (half of a) burrito bowl (extra lettuce from a baggie in my purse) when mom dropped the bomb shell-she wanted me to take her and Justice shopping! I was not excited because I don't really like shopping (especially with other people) or the mall. Nathan helpfully chimed in and said while I was there I should grab him a hoodie! (Thanks, Pud.)
Since Justice was sitting next to him, I let her  use my phone to get a picture of the tag of his hoodie so I knew exactly what to buy. It took 10 tries, and she only got a picture of dad (looking majestic, as usual.)!

It took forever (I swear it seems like they crank up the music as soon as I step into a store!) and we bought nothing.  I thought it was hard for me to find jeans, but trying to find size 14 tall skinny jeans for my 6'2" was IMPOSSIBLE. (No luck on the hoodie, either, they only had weird colors.)

We came back home to the crockpot chocolate lave cake my brother requested (What my baby puddin' wants, my baby puddin' gets!) and while the guys watched TV,
I beat mom in two games of Qwirkle!
They left the next morning before we left for church. Love spending time with my family!

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