Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Church Volleyball

I dusted off my kneepads for another year of church volleyball! I was chosen to be a team captain (with the stipulation that I don't make anyone wear costumes or matching socks, ha ha ha!)

When they passed out the team list, I had two extra players (one who never showed, and another who hadn't signed up, but came to play because we needed her.). I liked having a smaller team, because no one sat out and I got a whole hour of cardio!

The team names hadn't been changed from last year, so we got to pick new ones. My first idea was that each should be named something edible so it could all be called a food fight!
When another team said their name was "Serves You Right", I decided to go with a volleyball pun, too. I briefly considered "Ace in Your Face", "Been There, Dug That", "Can You Dig It" and "Block Party", but went with "Order on the Court".

The first Tuesday night, I was pumped! We played three games. We won two, then started to run out of time. Pat, the ref, said we would play to 15, but when we got to 15, he changed it to 20 and they won! :/

Next week, we won all three games easily. (I even went home and did a legs workout!)  I got a 'trophy' for all my hard work! (I blame Jimmy McDonough's serves!)

Week three was our double header. Aaron Land was distracted and chatty, and I had a mellow song stuck in my head, so we didn't do very well.

Right before our last week, I got this text...lol IN YOUR FACE ERIC T!!

We played at 7. After the six o'clock games, we needed to win one to tie for first with Eric T's team, and two to win everything.... (I really wanted to win!!)

we only won the very last game, but we had fun (and Eric T can't rub anything in)!

Great job, Team!

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