Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Break Sleepover

Another one of our favorite Falk traditions, a spring Break sleepover! E was working late, and since it was just me and the boys, we left early! We had Penn Station for dinner, then the boys got to playing...
 Poor W kept trying to play what other people wanted to play, but he felt like he kept being yelled at!
 while Kari and I started our Fuller House marathon (and junk food binge....pop, popcorn, peanut butter m&m's, cookies and cream candy bar and Kari's homemade chocolate chip cookies!)!

Nine episodes and three or four "oh my" moments later, Kari was still awake! We put the kids to bed around eleven,
and forty-five minutes later, they were still awake, and losing their ever-lovin' minds!

Owen was mad at Alex's blanket situation, Zachy had gotten knocked into the closet, so both him and B were crying (B wailed, "He's my best friend!!") and W was curled up in the corner, trying to avoid the while situation!

We got them settled down and cracked a window so the cold air would keep us awake. We made it through every episode, correctly guessing how the love triangle would end, then went to bed around 1:00pm. 

I got up around seven, and all the boys were already awake, no worse for wear! Can't wait to do it again when the new Gilmore Girls comes out on Netflix!

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