Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break

On the first day of our Alabama spring break, I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast, then asked E to take me to the grocery store for some extra veggies. (You know me when I'm in a phase! Current phase is diet!) He took the opportunity to use his concealed carry!
The grocery store was clean and had the best service I'd ever seen (even put groceries on conveyor belt for you and walked you out to your car!) but it was very spendy!

When we got back, we made a pink lemonade pie (very similar to my lemon icebox pie.) for Sherry (Bummer she had to work all week)!

E and his dad opened up the pool.
I texted my friends that I was in my bathing suit sunning by the side of the pool, and because they know me, they pictured this: HA HA HA

The water was FREEZING,
but that didn't stop E....

Or B!
(W got in to his chest one time, got out immediately a
nd then spent the next ten minutes cried/acting like he went into shock.)
Both the boys much preferred the hot tub!
In the afternoon, the boys drove the mule and then played Yahtzee with me until it was time to make dinner! (I added extra steamed zucchini to my lasagna!)

The next morning, I made a healthy breakfast,
and the boys played with their day 2 present (Sherry had brought gifts for them each day, isn't that super nice?!)

The next day, we were going to visit Sherry at work, but she got stuck in a meeting, so we ran an errand and went out to lunch at Local Joe's, a BBQ place right on the __________ river!
The boys split nachos, I had smoked turkey. I loved (E's) potato salad, and my sweet potato casserole (Carbs!!).  The boys used my uneaten bun to feed the fish and a duck.
Afterward, I took a nap while E and his dad went to funeral and pool store. Then I got a bit of a workout in, the boys painted rocks to decorate the backyard,

we all got some sun,
and Sherry came home early!

After chicken and shrimp quesadillas for dinner, and a electronics /The Voice break, we had s'mores and looked at the stars in Tom and Sherry's new backyard firepit area!

The next morning, the boys ate cereal, I finally got a workout in (my laptop dvd player doesn't work :(  )  and we went to visit Sherry at work.

Tom is in charge of the food at the hospital and his people treated us right! I was a bit disappointed, though, I was looking forward to cafeteria food! (If E ever lets me have another baby, I'm having it at this hospital where they know how to feed people in an appropriate manner! lol)
The egg rolls, chicken, sweet tea and ramen salad was awesome, but B preferred the cheesesticks, breading removed!
When we got back, B stayed outside with E and Tom while W and I played with that day's gifts!

Game of Life!
 More mule riding!

After dinner, we went out to Dairy Queen! We took the van and noticed that we had picked up an extra passenger. The boys called it our mascot.
I got a small vanilla moo-latte, but it was way too much milk for me (and a lot of calories) and I almost got sick in the parking lot!

The next morning, we were up early and the boys got their last gift, activity books for our road trip home!
First stop, breakfast at Jack's! The little old greeter lady came over and when she found out we were from Ohio, started talking to us about AJ Mckerron? and Alabama. She knew all kinds of details about his life! People in Alabama sure love their football (and are either for Alabama or Auburn, no middle ground!)
We made it to Georgia
before B finally found something worthy of his "jingling money" his Nuna gave him!
We played with snapchat a little to pass the time,

Then stopped at a Zaxby's in Tennessee for lunch. (Wimpy wings salad and a vanilla coke, yum!)
Lane closure for a rock slide went on for so long,
that we had to pull off for B to pee in the woods!

Slow progress....
Another traffic jam,
and a bad storm
hurt our time, but our mascot was still with us! :)
We grabbed some Skyline for dinner, then unloaded unpacked and cleaned up from our trip! Fun times, but glad to be home!

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