Saturday, May 14, 2016

AWANA Handbook Finisher's Party

It was a weekly struggle for my boys to finish their AWANA books this year, with daily reminders to study (from me) and constantly lost books and tears (from them because "It's too hard!")

Miraculously, they both passed their books, so they got to go to the new Scene 75!

There were cookies and cupcakes, a brief devotional
then each boy got $20 to spend on any activity they wanted.

We started all together at the lazer maze. I loved watching them go through it! VIDEO

Then we split up. W and I walked around to see what activities they had, but B hopped on the first games he saw. 
Five dollars for 8 holes of glow golf...
uh-oh, ha ha!

but only 3.50 for 10 frames of mini bowling!
He wanted to play in the Chaos room (which is 30 minutes of video games on a huge screen with a comfy chair AKA what he had done at home all morning) but it was booked for a birthday party.

The rest of his money he wasted spent on the Minion Claw machine. E and W did Laser tag, drove  go carts (B's favorite part) and we caught back up with them when B had 1.50 left...

The perfect amount for one game of Ice Hockey, W's favorite part of the day!
It was a fun way to end a super busy week of (rained out)baseball, STEM conferences, church, Middle School Orientation and church choir practice!
(Now I'm looking forward to picking up some free Chick-fil-A for dinner, then sitting in the dark in front of the fire, listening to music and not going ANYWHERE with E tonight! He was supposed to go camping with Doogle, but it was too cold and wet.)

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