Friday, May 20, 2016

B's Zoo Field Trip

This morning, I packed a brown bag lunch with B (including some animal crackers to go along with the theme of the day) and a note for him to give to his chaperone.

I am so glad he did! Kevin's mom sent me a bunch of pictures! I am so thankful!

Nathan R, Kevin H and B.

petting goats
Visiting the baby cheetah in the nursery.
Everyone got animal crackers and a water bottle.
hanging on the vines in the Jungle near the nocturnal animals.

In this picture, he made the manatee statue hold his water bottle, ha ha
Polar Bear
gorillas. His friend was excited to see the silver back. B wanted to see the elephants but he didn't get to.
white tiger
little monkeys. He thinks these are the ones with the red butts.
Looks like a fun day for my baby!

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