Tuesday, May 10, 2016

STEM and Orientation

Tonight we heard how W was doing in his gifted class (STEM)...from him!

He dressed up (check out the Gryffindor tie!) and went through a folder of his work (mostly drawings).
One of the teachers, Mr. Spangler, came by and said if he could say one thing to improve on, it was voicing his ideas in a group instead of doing his own thing on the side.

The next day was his last day of STEM class. They did a breakout challenge where students had to work together using literacy, math and thinking skills to solve a mystery. Students searched around the room to locate clues to find keys and combinations to open locks on a wooden box.

Two days later, we went to a Junior high orientation meeting for him! I can't believe that my baby will be in sixth grade next year!

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