Sunday, May 22, 2016

Double Falk Weekend

I got to see my bff two times this weekend!
On Friday, we had game night. It started off with me putting my foot in my mouth (along with my Chick-fil-A cobb salad), then it was back to the house for games, (E won quickly, then Kari won the longest game ever), a brownie ice cream sundae break, and WAAAYYY too much caffeine for me (geography burn, missed high fives, making everyone listen to my music, etc).

It ended like our last couple of game nights have ended.... a very tired Zachy crying, Owen yelling at him, B defending him, W hiding in a corner and Alex oblivious to it all!

After a one day break, we got to see them again for Alex birthday lunch at BW3's after church!

The boys love the tablets!
After we ate, A opened his Lego set gift from us...his favorite was the card that W made him...inappropriate, but right up his alley!
The restaurant manager announced his birthday over the loudspeaker and gave him an ice cream sundae and a birthday crown!
A few more pictures, 
 Then Alex blew out his candles and we had cookie cake!
 (I got a present, too-the rest of the basketball napkins to add to my seasonally sorted hoard!)
We always love hanging out with the Falks!

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