Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Fifth Grade Celebration

Today was a big day! W graduated from his elementary school!

Opening remarks from the principal, Ms. Kennedy. She teared up a bit because W's class was her first kindergarten class when she became principal.
B got out of his class to watch also! (E stood in the back to record on our new-the-nigh-before video camera.)
First the kids lined up and sang the preamble.
Names were announced by class, then the children received their report cards and any awards.
Afterwards, they stayed on stage for a class picture.
The compilation video that came next was my favorite! The kids loved it too, guessing who the pictures were of. The end (where the kids walked out of the school and each did a unique good-bye) made me laugh out loud!

Then it was done! W had officially graduated and was on his way to Jr. High!
This calls for a photo shoot!
W got his backpack, a snack (cookie and fruit punch) and several reminders to come back for the parade the next day, then we were off, a whole hour early! :)

After his brother got off the bus, (and while E hunted down the hit and run driver that rear ended his sister) we picked up chicken fingers at the Grand Opening of Raising Cane's!
(It was ok. I liked that the chicken tasted real and that they had good ice. But the batter tasted like it was missing something, and the lemonade and sweet tea are better at Chick-fil-A.)
Another "meh" for dessert this time...Lemon Carlota. (At least the plates and napkins were cute!)
So proud of my fifth grade grad!

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