Sunday, May 1, 2016

Indiana Weekend

Our fun weekend started early, with B having an eye appointment at 7am!
Turns out he needs glasses! He picked out "camo" ones!
Because he had his eyes dilated, E let him stay home from school. (Which came in handy for E, because B helped him spread mulch after E got back from his mom's Dr. appointment!)
After dinner, we loaded up the car to visit Nanny and Papaw!
Two minutes after getting in the car, B says, "Here comes the gas cloud!"  An hour later, (and a bunch of getting to know you questions later) he almost peed his pants a mile and a half from the rest stop. (Never a dull moment!)

The last thirty minutes of the trip was spent listening to W tell me EVERY SINGLE THING that happened in a book he read for school. So. long! (He had better remember this when I get old and repeat my stories over and over!)

When we got to my parents (20 minutes from Greensburg like I said instead of 15 like E said, IN YOUR FACE!) E was worn out!
Dad and I stayed up until 1 talking...probably my favorite part of the whole trip! (It was certainly more fun than having to keep dragging B and Zach back inside. I felt bad because they just wanted to play but it was so muddy outside!)

The next morning, while I got ready for breakfast with a high school friend, Uncle Nate was being amazed at my genius son on a physics game, (Instead of counterbalancing the teeter totter, he just removed the weight!)
I met my high school friend (bus and pre-cal buddy) at the Log Cabin Inn at 9am. I wanted to try a little of everything, so when I ordered, the waitress said, "I've never seen a girl eat so much food!" I assured her I probably wouldn't even eat half of it....
The food was "meh", but the company was excellent! We talked for three hours (about babies and church and husbands and food) and could have gone longer!
Then I found out that all kind of drama had been going on while I was out...

When I saw the part about the hospital, I called the house and Zach told me that Justice fell and  had been  electrocuted!! I asked to talk to a grown up and found out Justice had passed out and fallen into the outlet on her wrist, putting a hole in the wall and hurting herself (but had not, in fact, been electrocuted.)

Dad was still fixing it when I got back with chicken and salad for lunch.
While E made a trip to the Verizon store (our internet does not work at their house at all!) and dad took another (of many) nap, W built a lot of amazing Lincoln Log creations (Maybe he will be an architect when he grows up!)

and mom enlarged my niece's cow dress for this summer's Chick-fil-A day.
We had popcorn and chips at five to hold us over until the sun went down. (My mom was yeast free for the week of Passover and wouldn't let any in the house until it was finished.) As soon as it was dark, we could get our late Pizza King dinner. (mmmm, yeast.)

After dinner, we ate the ice cream pie I made, and I supervised Justice making a cherry cheesecake.

Breakfast was cream horns, donut sticks and fake raspberry zingers (which Nate kept calling "pink twinkies", yuck). We were going to leave afterwards, but Dad really wanted us to stay until after lunch. B was in no hurry to leave his "best buddy" either!

Nathan, Dad and I chatted awhile, and they thought it was hilarious when I asked what kind of tree was in the back (white pine) and said it had "cactus needles"

I was not so amused when (while discussing the fertility of one of their many cats) after I had made a stray comment about dropping the kittens off at a place with a creek (talking about at my cat-hating biological father's house), that they all thought I meant to drown them!! What kind of monster do these people think I am?!

We ate pot roast and pie as soon as mom and the kids got back from Sunday School, then we were on the road home by 11:30a.m.

Back at home, I went on a cleaning spree! I cleaned our bathroom, did laundry and dishes, then cleaned and reorganized all the kitchen cabinets!
I went through an entire thing of bleach wipes (and blared a lot of iTunes)!
Busy weekend!

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