Monday, May 16, 2016

Sermon on the Mound Musical

Spring Kid's C.R.E.W. performance
Preview during Friday night practice
and in Sunday's morning service...
Trying to get a picture before it starts.....

 The kids handed out popcorn at the beginning, yum!
 Then got right into it!
 B...pretending his arm fell asleep....sigh
 W had a big speaking part, "Dizzy", one of the announcers.
Song about Armor of God.
W did an amazing job!
The sixth graders enjoy the spotlight in their last performance.

 B...not quite giving his all.

Until his solo!! (video)


More songs,
and announcing...

 B can't contain his excitement, "Yawn"

The boys' favorite part, "Ho-ohhhhhh, Ho-ohhhhh"...

 Before the last song, the kids left the stage. Pastor Rick called B up for an illustration...
 B gave him reason to regret it.
One last song, and line for W
After the show, W wasted no time in heading for the snacks- hot dogs, nachos, chips and flavored water!
So proud of our boys (and regretting eating those nachos)!

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