Monday, May 23, 2016

W's COSI Field Trip

Fifth graders hit the road in a rented tour bus! E was able to go as chaperone and his group was just W and Devin!
They made it (E almost puked)!
photo opp!
yellow submarine
fun water place
lifting up a car
whisper things
granite water ball
more car lifting
aiming ball to ceiling air pressure
TV station
moving model of spaceship
space toilet
skeleton leg
fart piano (body noises)
Progress town
telegraph station
1800's camera
kiddie ride

TV station

ball launcher.
using air pressure to keep balls afloat
gadgets- Engine. had to push pistons down with your feet. They weren't able to do it, even with E's help.
whispering again
One more try at lifting the car.
Last stop-gift shop. E bought plasma ball for W.... and a Himalayan salt lamp for himself!
E hitched a ride with another parent back home so he wouldn't get sick!

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