Thursday, June 30, 2016

Rest In Peace, Dianna

Sunday, June 26 was just another day. E was still at hospice, the boys and I went to church, had veggie soup for lunch and finished the VBS snacks. E had come home for the afternoon, so I got in a nap and a quick VBS grocery trip before he went back to be with his mom. (E said that he didn't want us to come because Dianna was unresponsive.)
His plan was to be home around bedtime, but then I got this text:
(The progression he is talking about was mottling of skin and legs, appendages cold etc.)
He came home just to get his meds around 9:20, then went right back. I talked to the boys at bedtime about how Dianna was going to be moving to heaven soon.

At midnight, I went to bed, but heard a noise at 12:20. E had tried to call. I called him back and he let me know that Dianna had passed away.


I told the boys when they got up on Monday. W kind of withdrew, and B was all over the place that day (a lot of emotion for his little body). I watched the kids while E, Kari and Doug went to the funeral home to plan the arrangements.
I didn't even want to go to VBS, but E said that we serve God even when we are sad and that we don't know how VBS could change a kid's life so we should go. (He was so calm and peaceful about it....said he had time to come to grips with it all.)

Tuesday, E's dad came into town and took E out for steak while the boys and I were at VBS.

Wednesday morning, I went dress shopping for the viewing that night and dropped off cupcakes for the VBS I would miss.
Lunch was the meat tray Betty from church had dropped off for us.
Melissa H from church stopped by that afternoon to give me some snacks, and some fashion advice!

 It meant a lot to see the Falks, Angie and E's friends and family at the viewing. W and B had a hard time (W wanting to be alone, and B crying loudly).  E's cousin Melissa helped W get some alone time from well meaning estranged aunts and in-your-face former co-worker of Dianna and Tom took the boys home a little bit early. We had a late Skyline dinner, then went to bed. (Auntie Babe stayed with us that night.)

Thursday was my birthday...and the funeral,
I know I did my Bible reading,

but the rest is a bit of a blur. A lot less people were there from the day before. (Kara watched Zachy so Kari Falk could come.) I held it together pretty well, only tearing up when the flowers my parents sent were delivered and when E put his hand on the casket at the cemetery.  E's dad headed back to Alabama right after the internment.

Despite having just held a funeral an hour or so before and VBS that night, our church pulled together a reception for us following the funeral. It was nice not to have to worry about dinner, and it made me feel good to see food from my friends Kari and Kara.  I wish E's family could have gotten together for happier reasons, but it was nice to watch the kids play together.

The flowers and gifts that were brought to the church were divided up, and I ended up with "Brittani lilies" on my birthday after all....
Kara brought us dinner that night, and (after a nap for me) the boys and I headed to the last night of VBS.

It seemed like a very long week, and we hadn't even made it to Friday yet.

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