Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday- Maker's Festival

Will was so excited to wake up early and put together his Lego set only to find it was full of random junk some adult thief!!
After we ate some breakfast casserole, I headed straight to the store with a picture of Kari's receipt.
Thankfully, we had no problem replacing it!
Then, we were off for some fun at the library!
There were magnetic blocks,

build your own cube robots

and driving another
 coding games
problem solving/building

snap circuits

The coolest thing I saw was the Air bricks invention- a piece that attaches to the wall with command strips and can hold Lego boards on wall!

On our way out, W did some clean activities,

and B walked and played in Oobleck!

A quick selfie, then home for leftover lunch!

B's Baseball game. It was so hot!
 I visited Dianna at hospice while the boys stayed home. W was so excited to build Legos.

After I came back, we had a quick dinner of pot roast, then Sherry, took us to see Finding Dory!
(This picture was taken a couple of days later at a different theater.)

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