Saturday, June 11, 2016

Summer, week 2

Sunday: Pageant night with K and K! Because of a rebooted satellite, we only got to watch the last couple of minutes of the pageant, so I made them watch the movie Austenland instead! We ate skyline dip, bacon cheese fries, apple nachos, rice crispy treats, peanut butter MnM's and decided, very seriously, that we need new tiaras!

Monday: "Slushee Sand" Park and picnic

 They spent most of their time in the sand!
Made two batches of homemade strawberry jelly (Check out W's labels!)

 Root beer float popsicles
a banana science experiment

Tuesday: E and I celebrated our anniversary by eating takeout (Olive Garden) while E was on his weekly RealLife (insurance diet plan) conference call and my niece and nephew were mooching off my plate! ha ha 

Wednesday: Movie (Ice Age: Continental Drift)  at the old cheap movies (Now, Eastgate Brew and View). There are tables at every spot
 And you fill out a ticket and stand it up,
 and they bring the food right to you!
 This tiny little thing ate popcorn non-stop the whole time!! 
 B had a baseball game, and I had a VBS meeting at church.

Thursday: my birthday flowers bloomed!
crafts for R (She loves the show Paw Patrol.) and W  (ninja stars to decorate at his birthday party).
 Another baseball game. E got out of a work dinner and visited his mom, but showed up the last inning to help coach.
W read books, ate chocolate almonds we bought from his friend Hailey, and played in the dirt.

Friday: W teaches B how to make the stars.
Movie night: Willow!

Saturday: I make more strawberry jelly and a new kind,

then hang out with the kids (birthday party shopping and library)
 watching Zootopia

while E helps Kari and Doogle movie Dianna in with them.

Fun, busy week!

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