Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Week 3: Hospice and Birthday

I have no idea if or why I would look at these notes again, but since this is our whole life right now, I wanted to have a record of it.

Saturday, while I watched the kids, Doug, Kari and Eric moved Dianna to Kari's house. She was very anxious about medicines and Kari being able to hear her if she needs help.

Sunday morning around five, Kari and Doug are woken up by Dianna's voice on the monitor saying "Please take me". Kari calls Eric and he goes over. Dianna  said she is tired and can't take it anymore and wants to give up. They drive her to UC hospital, where she is found to be dehydrated. They sit in the ER from 8:30 to around 4, waiting for a room. E spends the night at the hospital with her.

Monday afternoon, they run tests and find out that the tumors (from her stage four adrenal cancer) have grown, and she has developed diverticulitus. (Tear/Infection in her colon, leaking into body.) She refuses surgery to fix that, and signs a DNR.
W continues to prepare for his birthday party.
B has a baseball game. I pretty much cry all the way through it.
The next day Dianna is moved to Hospice, and my FIL drives up from Alabama to support Kari and Eric.
  Babe comes
drama with Dianna's work friend, Ali.
 That morning my BIL gives me the run down. days not weeks. 
W cleans his room for BopBop's stay.
The boys visit Dianna nd give her the cards they made.

W spent most of the time huddled against the wall.

I lost it when I saw the cards said "get well soon"...

Wednesday- Jen visits. Pam visits lunch. Carabbas. Theresa brings snacks. dinner. Kari's friend supplies pizza. boys visit in the morning, B convinces BopBOp to buy him lunch.

Boys build Goblin Town.
We visit at night. Dianna thanks me again for watching the kids.  Grocery store trip for Mt. Dew/coffee for my FIL.

We made the decision to postpone W's birthday party that was scheduled for Friday.
Visited Nuna at hospice. Big storm on way home. E's cousin, Jen, took this picture of the resulting double rainbow over hospice.

(She enlarged this picture, printed it out and posted it next to Dianna's hospital bed.)

prizes for kids at library
and story time

 Visit Dianna in Hospice. Dinner on Tom afterward at Izzy's with Ashley and Janelle.
B drew the goblin king from the Hobbit on the back of his placemat.
W was worried that his Nuna would die on his birthday and make it the worst day ever. :(

W's birthday. He got a special breakfast (McDonald's sausage egg Mcmuffin) with Sherry.  I visited Dianna while Tom and Sherry watched boys. It was very emotional.

By the time I got back, saw that W had opened some presents (backpack, spinjitsu case and guys)
 and Kari had brought over her kids. Tom and Sherry and I took them to Chipotle for lunch (W's favorite restaurant).

After nap, a craft for R and Arty to give to their grandpas for Father's Day.

Made spaghetti for dinner. Discovered Tom's vinegar (he likes to eat them on cucumbers.) busted in the freezer.
More presents

Back to Hospice so W can open his present from Nuna. 
He couldn't wait to put them together the next morning!

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