Saturday, June 25, 2016

Summer week 4

SUNDAY, June 19
Sherry left for Alabama first thing in the morning. The boys and I visited Dianna, picked up little kids there and went to the grocery store. (The kids love the free cookies and the penny horse.)
Tom left, and the kids discovered the "shoe fairy" had visited. (Earlier in the week, B had come up with a bunch of money. He said he found it in my closet and didn't understand that that didn't mean he could keep it....Tom thought that was funny and made sure the boys could find closet money and keep it. )
E tried the vacuum cleaner and it turned right on (guess I didn't need to borrow the one from church after all!)
Power went out, when it came back on, I made some chili in the crockpot for the next day.
Around dinner time, I brought R and Arty back to hospice. Prem's brought a sub dinner there for all of us. Dianna.was very thirsty that day. She still recognized people and smiled, and could hug.
Jen went home. W got another Lego set from Kari and Doug.

Got R and Arty around lunch time, ate chili for dinner, then took boys to B's baseball game.

There, W made a concession stand trip with his friend from school, Hailey.

Looks like it is bath night!
Dianna did not eat that day and was very restless.

After Kari brought the kids over, I took them to the park.

E went for a doctor appointment. The Dr. said most of E's symptoms were stress, so he should start taking the anxiety meds again (Thankfully, he had already started taking them again a couple of days ago.). CT scan showed heart is find, but his ureter is thicker than it should be. I googled, said could be infection, might have passed a kidney stone and not known it, or CANCER. Going to wait until actual test before I freak out....

brought kids to hospice after I fed them dinner

Visited Dianna in morning, she was still asleep.
At one point that day, B played in the rain. Love his creative way of staying dry and keeping his hands free!

Using umbrella as a base and shooting...

eric visit urologist 2:15. Urologist said there is no reason to think it is cancer, but ordered a cystoscopy to be scheduled later.

W had his annual dr. appt. Was at 20th percentile for height and weight. Got two shots. (and wasn't very happy about it.)

While we were waiting, B read to Artie.

That night, my friend Angie brought beef tips for dinner. I fed the kids, then took the food to hospice.
Dianna was in rougher shape than the day before. She had drank some water, but had a couple of little seizers and was breathing five fast breaths, then had a longish pause in between. I spent some time with her alone while Babe and E ate. I read some Psalms to her, but I don't know if she could hear me.  Back at home I ate dinner again (because eating myself sick is how I'm dealing with things right now....)

THURSDAY morning, I took the kids to see a dollar movie in Milford (Peanuts).
That afternoon, Betty stopped by with a gift card. I knew it was E's night to sleep at Hospice, and since he was usually alone, decided I was going to stay with him. My best friend graciously allowed the boys to come over for a sleepover.
When I got to Hospice, Dianna was restless. She clearly told Babe and I, "I have to pee". The doctors had started giving her anti-seizure meds along with her other meds. E, Babe and I had Panera for dinner, then Babe went back to Kari's house.
E ran home bc forgot his meds, I was there alone with her. She was moaning, sighing,  pulling at nightgown etc. I tried fluffing her pillows, giving her chapstick and water -I didn't know how to help her. As soon as E got back, I left the room and called my mom/paced around solarium. I came back in to Dianna's room and got hot/couldn't catch my breath ( panic attack?). I tried to talk to E, insisting that she was in pain, but  insisted she was in pain e said she said she wasn't. I left the room again,  called dad and gota  game plan that made me feel better. When the nurse came in, Dianna clearly said "yes" when asked if she was in pain, so she got more morphine (20mg that day compared to 5 the previous day) and slept peacefully all night. (Heart rate 88 still 20 seconds between breaths. ) I did not sleep well at all, and left for home at 5:45am.

When I got home early FRIDAY morning, I had a package waiting for me (an early birthday present from Sherry)!

Kari Falk dropped off kids around lunch time, and R and Arty came around the same time. E dropped by at dinner to bring me some sweet tea. Poor R had a poopageddon (poor thing!) before Kari picked her up.

Did the weekly grocery shopping, then headed to church to help set up/organize for this week's VBS. Made a quick trip to Party city, ate lunch and took a nap. I was going to take the boys to see Dianna, but E told us not to come up because she is no longer responding. Instead, Imade a big pot of veggie beef soup and  scrubbed bathroooms .
Best part of the day was when I got a new tiara (another birthday gift from Sherry)! It is taller than my wedding one, and I LOVE it so much!

That night, I  worked on the kids' snack for the last night of VBS. (four down, 80 more to go!)

At  10:30 this happened: 

Had to wake B up, and he was NOT happy. Once I'm in the car, E calls me and says since it is after ten , I would have to go in to pick up the food. What?! It felt like everyone was staring at me in my pajamas when I walked up the ramp (my constant yawning probably drew attention to me, too. ) We brought the food to E, and I had two wings, 1 chip and 1/4 of a quesadilla before he got cranky. (My cue to leave!) I did not know that was the last time I would see Dianna.

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