Thursday, June 16, 2016

W, 10 1/2 to 11

W loves cheddar bay biscuits, and is great at making them!
Engineer Design challenge at school
So handsome and so artistic!
Has started being very picky about his meat...eats it with his hands so he can pick out every microscopic speck of fat.

Said his orange peel looked like a sea horse and made me take a picture.

Learned how to make his own scrambled eggs. (He is so big!)

at his brother's basketball game. Go Terrapins!
sleeping in the car on the way to see Jen and Dan

bed head
When we downloaded the aging booth app for 100th day, we also downloaded "fatbooth"! ha haha ha
Very into Veggie Tales song, "I love my lips".

Got an overnight stomach bug- while he was in the middle of Meijer with E and B.

On Valentines day, loved his breakfast.
That night, E served us nori wrapped salmon, W thought it was a trick! He said, "This doesn't look like real food!"

Feb 17- had a great day! Helped the teacher fish a marker out of the AC unit so got to write his name on the Bingo prize board, got an apple from another teacher, earned the highest score in the fifth grade on a math activity, passed 7 sections in AWANA and had his name pulled at church in the candy drawing!

Prefers to read to me at bedtime instead of the other way around. Here he is reading Origami Yoda to me.
Completed his first year of bowling. His team came in 11th place (out of 16?)

Had a sleepover with his best friend, Devin! They played video games, put on a magic show, played hide and seek and rode Hoverboards!
found this paper in W's school bag...

Back into watching Lego Ninjago again.

handing out fliers for Kid's serve spaghetti dinner

Got a Math Award from school! 

finished his next to last year of basketball! He's been playing since he was four!
Being silly-hair parted down middle.
playing with snap chat, big nose and face swap!

Entered a contest in his brother's Lego magazine with a new Ninjago vehicle!
Got a part in his Spring Musical at church (Sermon on the Mound). Went around telling everyone, "I'm Dizzy." to trick them into being concerned for his health. (His character's name is Dizzy.)

Was super tired after a lock-in at church
but still smiled with the Easter bunny!
While listening to song "right field" from his spring church musical..."I wished I had known you could be awkward and slow when you play right field!"

Feeding ducks and roasting marshmallows on Spring Break in Alabama.

His April Fool's Day prank on me...yep, that is his underwear.
 Being Jesus in a Sunday School skit.
Has not loved our permanent switch to Ezekiel bread. (Here he is with a breakfast sandwich on Ezekiel English muffin.)
We had smoked sausage sandwiches one night for dinner and he said, "Yay! Real bread!!"

Started and loved an after school art class called "young Rembrandts".
We completely blanked on his inventor showcase for his gifted class! Mom fail! Here is the poster he created for his invention, which they printed in miniature on the 3D printer!

Had highest goal for MAP test at school-I'm not 100% sure what that means, except that obviously he is a genius!

His tessellation painting was chosen for the community art fair!!

Showing his Nuna the Ninjago book he got from his school book fair.

Rooting his brother on -first game of the season.
Found remnants of his old bracelet phase in the bat bag!
Very proud of the medal he got from STEM (his gifted class).
Loves the Brain It On physic game app that Uncle Nate told him about and playing with Zach's Lincoln Logs!

When I asked W to give me a kiss on the cheek so I could take a picture for Mother's Day....instead he looks like he is going to bite my ear off!
Pointed out that in my three favorite books to read to him and his brother (Little Old Man Who Could Not Read, Mickey and the Magic Grinder, and The Man Who Learned to Cook for Himself), the main characters go hungry and almost starve!

A sleepover musical performance by "Fizzy, Bizzy and Dizzy"!
Making faces. No wonder it is so hard for me to get a Mother's Day picture for my wall...
 Dressed up and doing self evaluation conference at STEM
Got his yearbook, and was most excited about this photobomb!
Glow Golf at Scene 75 for AWANA Handbook finisher's party. He wastedspent most of his money on the Minion claw game.
Playing Announcer Dizzy in the Kid's CREW musical at church. He loved his part so much, he was sad when the play was over!
Wrote and illustrated a story about a donut that came alive and started a donut army. Cross between Little Gingerbread Boy, Stuart Little etc, and included references to Sept 11 (too soon) and the "I Have a Dream Speech" (cultural appropriation, yikes), smh
Finished his third (green) book in T&T Club (AWANA program at church).
after...his hair looks like a bad wig, ha ha!
 I got to bring him lunch (Arby's)- last time in elementary school, sniff! Can't believe he will be in Jr. High next year!
W beating us at Settlers of Catan.
The inappropriate (but greatly appreciated ) card he made for Alex Falk's birthday
Reading Action Bible devotional to B and I at bedtime.
On a field trip to COSI with E-space toilet and air pressure "magic". His best friend, DA was in his group.

making the invitation scrolls  for his birthday party
 super silly selfies
May 25 W and his class graduated from fifth grade!

Last day of school ice ceam cones

invented games

Goofing off in my sunglasses at B's game
sliding into home during our family pictures

At the "slushee" park

Visiting Nuna her first day in hospice (the Tuesday before his birthday). When I saw his card said "get well soon", I lost it.

He spent most of thevisit, huddled against the wall. :(
 built goblin town out of Legos
 prize 1 of 3 in the summer library reading program.
 Dinner at Izzy's with BopBop, Ashley and Janelle after a visit to Hospice.

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