Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Little R and R

And no, that doesn't stand for Rest nd Relaxation.
R &R are my niece and nephew, and they spent a couple of nights with their "Aunt B"
while their parents took a mini get-away to Hocking Hills for Doug's birthday!

We were all tired from W's birthday party,
so we took a nap. Sunday night after dinner, they went to church with us. R went to her class and I stayed with "Arty" in the nursery.
Seeing E try to hold a conversation after church and hold a super squirmy toddler at the same time was amusing....E asked "When are they getting picked up again? He also said, "I'm glad we stopped at two, having four kids is chaos".

Bedtime went off without a hitch,
and E stealthily got his point across when he said, "I hope "Arty" sleeps through the night for you." (See what he did there? Sounded nice on the surface, but showing that will be me waking up, not him! Stinker!)

All the kids DID sleep through the night, and helped us shop for school supplies.
I texted E in the afternoon to see if he wanted to take a family walk that night, and he replied, "With four kids?!?"
Does he know what I do all day? (My friend, Kara, who is pregnant with her fifth child thought this was hilarious. She needed some humor, too, since the transmission went out on her van and she is stranded on vacation!)

The kids ate the red beans and rice I made for dinner, then R helped B with his dining room job!
Meanwhile, E hid in our room to ensure his post -dinner phone time was uninterrupted....
See how well that worked out? lol "Arty" loves his Uncle "Ick"!

Bedtime that night didn't go as well as the first night, (Here's R waiting for her brother to settle down before she gets in bed.)
and "Arty" got up three times in the middle of the night. (The first time, I almost had a heart attack, because when I went to pat his back, I couldn't find him! He was UNDER the pillow and blankets! I thought he somehow escaped!)

All the more reason for me to go to Chick-fil-A for an iced coffee the next morning!!

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