Sunday, July 24, 2016

Bonding time

This Saturday, after a trip to Home Depot for some paint for B's room redo, 
some door prizes and fun at the Toy Store inside Jungle Jim's,
stomp rocket
new pogo stick version
haircuts (under duress),

and E's bribe! (For the boys getting a haircut, for me not getting one! I think he just didn't want what I had made for lunch!)

Then it was time to get ready for the highlight of the day- one on one time!

B got ready for his time with Dad by dressing in head to toe camo! All packed for the land!
They had big plans- filling the feeder, putting down a mineral or salt block, and paneling the inside of the "cabin".

This is what B was doing while they working!
Meanwhile, W and I make an iced coffee run (I'll quit Monday, I promise!) run by Kari's to go through some of Dianna's clothes, and head back home to wait until we were hungry enough for dinner.
I still wasn't hungry when we went to Meijers almost two hours later for greeting cards, dessert and coffee creamer.... but picked up Chipotle on way home and ate anyway.
Then we spent the rest of the night on screen time....

I continued my screen time after W went to bed around ten, (at least I thought he was in bed) when he busted me for watching Elementary (a mystery show).

E and B were hanging around the campfire.
At 11, I got a text that B was still eating s'mores! (He had told E that he wanted to put on pajamas but that he was not tired.) They were both still up when I went to bed at 11:40, B sleeping on an air mattress.
It was a hot, muggy night and E barely slept so they came home right when W and I were headed to church (Then E slept until almost 3!).

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