Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bowling with my Babies

While E mowed the lawn

Ice Age bowling craft at Home Depot Kid's Clinic (so we can cross it off our summer bucket list! Only 6 weeks left!)

a quick stop at Aldis for some glow in the dark items for Monday,

and the main attraction!

Our local bowling alley was running a summer special
11:00AM - 5:00PM

$1.00 HOT DOG
and I had a lot of free game coupons left from when the boys were in a league. (Even gave some to large Asian family I saw.)

We bowled two games.

W made good use of the bumpers, VIDEO

so I just barely won the first game!
Can't be my form, because as always it was on point (extra bounce and all)! :) VIDEO

On the second game, SOMEONE was being a cranky pants about not winnng,

so I told the boys that I would buy them something from the concession stand if they got a strike, thus starting the one pin curse!

It didn't last that long, though! We all got a strike...

and I got beat by one!
All it cost me was 10.50 for shoes and 2.00 for snacks!

After that, we got the Hobbit movies from the library for tonight and picked up some Chipotle for lunch (thanks to a gift card from the Falks)!
A fun day!

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