Sunday, July 31, 2016

Camo Room for B

B has been obsessed with camo for a while now, so for one of his birthday gifts, I redid his room! (Kept me busy while W was gone at church camp!)

FRIDAY and SATURDAY we bought materials,

I was super proud of myself, letting the boys express themselves with their wall decorations (case in point, W's room) until I had to take everything down from B's room and saw the many many MANY push pin holes that needed filled before the room could be painted!

I was ready to pay someone to fill the holes and paint, but E said he would do it! PHEW! :)
 While I was helping my pregnant friend Kara sort and organize her kids' clothes, E painted B's room, did a load of dishes and took care of the laundry that I forgot in the washer!
Paint: Home Depot Behr Riviera Sand (greenish beige) 42.98
paint roller and brushes Meijer 16.00

Moved everything back from E painting, put on the bedding and decided how I wanted the curtains sewn before I dropped the material off for a friend to sew.
Bedding: comforter and sheet set. Mainstay Brand from Walmart
curtains (pillowcases from Walmart)
first coat spray paint on name letters
cork board weapon storage  

he was jumping around so excited! awww!Love how it looks!
went to Home Depot bought board, (8.00) got hooks and duct tape at Meijer. (plus braces for shelves 12.00)
E found wood for shelves, we picked the stain and he put first coat on

second coat stain on shelves
bought curtain rods (to hang hats) and net to hang up animals from Hobby Lobby.

second coat of paint on name letters
covered outlet cover and light switch in duct tape

(Not much done, because we saw a movie that morning and E had basketball that night!)

FRIDAYput up the drapes
(hmmm...should I do orange tie backs?)

Added more mini hooks (2.00)and pop of orange to animal net.
found this awesome deer at Hobby Lobby (13.00 before a 40% coupon) which was perfect over the letters we already had (spray painted in my accent color)!
Put up hooks behind the door, covered the cork board.

moved Grandma Munkin's rocking chair out to the living room.

B said it was his "dream room"..."if it was in a mansion"!

Put up shelves, cork board and hat rack. (Trying to decide how to hang everything....E wanted the shelves diagonal, I wanted the hat rak behind the door...B got the way he wanted!)
back pillow: Gabriel Brothers 10.00
The finishing touch will be the orange bedskirt I ordered online! (I tossed out the idea of painting an orange stripe along the side wall, but E said he is going to ban me from Pinterest, ha ha!)

B loves his new room and can't wait to wake up in it on his birthday! (He's been sleeping on the floor in W's room- they love sleepovers!)

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