Thursday, July 7, 2016

A Day at the Doctor's

Today's plans (after an impromptu trip to the mall with the kids where I got some good deals)
was a full day at the doctor. I had a bag packed full of books, paper, grocery store ads and thank you cards to be written. Kari picked up the kids at noon and we drove to the urologist. (On the way, E forbade me from video taping him while he was medicated, bummer!)

E was supposed to get an ultrasound at 1, then a cystoscopy at 3, but as soon as we got there,  the doctor was ready for him! 

 They took him back, prepped him, then brought me back just long enough to get a picture
before taking him to his procedure. We were both pretty nervous because he had to be put to sleep.

 After was seemed only five minutes, the doctor called me back to tell me how it went. Everything was perfectly fine and normal! He said there was no evidence of kidney stones and that the first scan might have shown an enlarged ureter simply because there was liquid passing through the tube at just the right moment!
I was so relieved it wasn't cancer. I told the doctor that we were concerned about that, especially since his mom died from cancer last week and he said that E didn't mention it, but he knew he was keyed up because they had to give him two doses of the anesthesia to keep him asleep.

He said it would be 20-30 minutes for E in recovery, but less than ten minutes later, I was called in.

E was no worse for having two doses of the anesthesia. He was sitting up and drinking and had just told the nurse he was ready to "drive out of there"! The only sign that he was drugged was that he kept rubbing my back when we talked and even kissed me on the lips! 

We got him dressed,
 then wheeled him to his ultrasound

I asked him if he wanted me to be in there, and he said "It's nothing you haven't seen before!"

The technician said (off the record) that everything looked good. Praise the Lord! A radiologist will officially read the report and the dr. will call in a couple of days.

After that, my only worry was getting us home on 71 (so much traffic and merging!) ...I was glad it was before rush hour! Too bad anesthesia doesn't make E a better passenger.... He about wore out the floorboards pushing his invisible brake, complained about my "overuse" of the turn signal and when I was backing out of the driveway said, "I could do better than this!"
The thanks I get! ha ha ha  Is that anyway to treat his wife on our "doctor date"?! 

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