Wednesday, July 13, 2016


The Falks met us at our house to transfer food and people (Want to get the best deal on carload night!) 
We got there 7:40.  (I wanted to get their earlier because I knew the drive-in had sold out on Friday and Saturday, but it was not busy at all, phew!) E completely threw our intricate frugal plans out of the window when he paid for W instead of sending him to the Falk's van. (Then Kari Falk felt mildy guilty about the food ticket...)

We love taking E's van, we always get a great spot!
Some pre-movie pictures...
Almost as soon as we got there, a little girl ran up and hugged E. (??) Turned out she was one of his Upward players. Later, I had a supreme blonde moment when B was playing with the same girl (throwing rocks at the car next to us! YIKES!)..."How do you know her?" Oh yeah, B was on E's team!

Then I saw two of my former Upward cheerleaders in line for food! I couldn't wait to buy my dinner of champions...
and I wasn't the only one who didn't wait for the movie!
(TBH, I was disappointed in the popcorn. It is on the bottom of my popcorn scale next to Amelia's theater.)

Not everyone eats while they wait....some people blow giant bubbles,
and some people play the Pokémon Go App!(Dan!)
Kari Falk thought everyone was extra hilarious and laughed a lot, so I told E not to feel so proud of himself when she laughed after he called me "Alex" ( because I noticed something and pointed it out -allegedly in a loud voice).

Finally the movie started!
Life of Pets was super cute! The cat in the movie was truly my spirit animal!

A lot of people left before BFG started,
and because the movie was just alright I kind of wished we had done the same!

Despite the slow movie, we all stayed awake (except Zach)!

A (long) fun night!

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