Saturday, July 16, 2016

Fair and Family

We planned our most recent trip to Indiana around the date of the fair. We haven't been since B was a toddler, so I couldn't wait! Mom warned me there were only like nine rides....(the ride company the county had hired went bankrupt the week before the fair and a little company from Alabama came in at the last minute. I don't care if there was any rides-I was there for the food!

We got there around 7:30, and hit the food trucks! I had fried pickles, E got a corn dog and bacon cheese fries, and the boys had a corn dog and pizza.
I had told the boys they each had 10.00 to spend on food/rides, and B spent half of his first thing for a ride on a camel!

We walked around (didn't take long) to see what they wanted to spend their money on (and take pictures)
then E threw my plan out the window when he bought the boys unlimited ride wrist bands. (18.00 each, gulp!)

They used them to show off newly acquired (on neighor Liam's trampoline) flipping skills, VIDEO
ride the big slide,

and what would become their favorite, the paratrooper.
I thought B would like it and W would hate it, but they both LOVED it!

They only did bumper cars once.

then checked out the free petting zoo.
There were goats, llamas, mini horses, cows, a zebra, and whatever this thing is:
After cleaning our hands, and getting me a funnel cake (I promptly got it all over myself.),
we walked through the mostly cleared out barns. I saw a lady from the church I grew up in and took some pictures at the booths that were still there.
Some lemon shake-ups (two because E didn't want to share with us and risk getting our germs.),

and some more rides!
The royal Sizzler.

B liked it (probably because he was on the outside and hadn't hit his head like W did!) and wanted to do it again, but W got his way and they rode the Paratrooper again until their bracelets "expired" at ten!
I even rode with them once for free! (The carny had offered E and I a ride earlier but I was busy eating my funnel cake!) Once I got to the top, I regretted my choice, especially since he "added some extra flair" with some speed/starts and stops! (E got a video of me screaming!)

After that, we went back to my parent's house for bed.

The next morning, Dad and Nate drove to Greensburg on their motorcycles for donuts from an allegedly amazing bakery (they were closed because they went camping-we got meh Walmart donuts instead.) and Pud's boss/friend came over. We had used up all the cool/masculine mugs, so poor E was left drinking coffee out of a sock monkey, ha ha
Nanny went to work, and B and Zach rode bikes in the driveway

while Dad and Nate helped Devin with his lawnmower.

We got ready, and finally decided our plans for the day (I didn't want to just sit around. I voted for fishing or putt-putt because of my summer bucket list, but we decided on bowling), convinced Nate to join us and drove to Columbus, birch beers in hand!

The bowling center didn't open until noon, so (kids and E in one car, me, dad and Nate in another) we went to lunch at Fazoli's first! Zach and I were in the Just Breadsticks Crew!
We dropped some lunch off to mom, saw where she worked ,made dinner plans,  met one coworker (except W who hid behind a counter) and mimicked the collection of another. VIDEO
Then we went bowling!

Cleanest bowling alley I have ever been to! It took me forever to find a ten pound ball that fit my hand though!

I love bowling with dad because he gives good advice. ("Pick the apple!") I got much better at the end, and E did too- he got a turkey in the last frame!

Dad didn't end so well...VIDEO-
Hanging his head over that one!
Nathan could have tied it....but he most definitely did not. VIDEO

The end result!
We saw a deer on the way back,
then (to keep kids out of the house so Nate could sleep, and cross something off my bucket list) watched Princess Bride in the barn.
The Oreo Thins went fast!
Well, some of us did!
Justice and I rode bikes for two minutes (She saw a cat, and got distracted, so I read a book and tried to force kittens to snuggle with me.) and B helped Papaw mow with the tractor,
until Nanny got home (bringing steak instead of Pizza). E grilled, mom made mac n cheese, Justice made salad and I set the table. Then, we headed home with one extra kid!
A fun visit!

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