Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Fourth of July

Independence Day was cloudy and rainy, and honestly, I didn't feel very patriotic. With all the goings-on of the last couple of weeks, I hadn't done any of my normal planning or buying....

My boys wore shirts they had before,
and my only new things were my flag socks. (My shirt was from Memorial Day and my necklace was from my friend Angie for my birthday a couple of years ago.)

Luckily, Kari Falk came to the rescue, full of themed stuff!
She had napkins, plates and two flag desserts!

We ended up with quite a good spread!
After we ate, we played a little Catan (Dan won because of me, ouch), then had dessert. (Kari totally size shamed my dessert cutting!)
Before it started to get dark, we went out on the deck for some pictures
 and some poppers!
The poor tree got the brunt of the party horns!
Down in the yard
for the  smoke bombs E bought that day. (BOO on Ohio fireworks regulations!)

This would have been the perfect chance for a slow-mo group walk though video-next year!
E's smug smile when I asked him 14 times to look and me and smile when he lit the smoke bombs and he didn't.
 The "grand" finale, wah wah.
 A little more Catan, then it was dark enough for sparklers!
After each kid had done a whole box on his own, E set up the tripod and Dan experimented with the camera settings and we got these!


While we watched what little we could see of the neighbor's big fireworks, we got out the glow stuff- bracelets, bouncy balls and flags!
E quickly won Catan, and the night was over! (But not before I loaded Kari up with a big bag of leftover chips/cookies etc!)
Happy Birthday, America!

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