Friday, July 29, 2016

Happy Camper

Sorry it has taken so long to laptop keeps randomly connecting/disconnecting :(

Monday, I dropped my boy off for his very first time at church camp with a carefully packed and organized suitcase!
All ready for five days and four nights away!

Some of the guys (with the contraband fan)!
The whole group!
On the road!
When we got home, B went to his room and cried. My poor baby! I was surprisingly fine all week.

Later, I got this picture

Pastor said  Walready had "the messiest bunk at camp". I texted back, "tell him he's killing me!" and Pastor said it made W LOL!

Another text later in the day...

W said before swimming every day, the kids would all chant "Donald Trump! Donald Trump!"!
I love getting updates, and I especially love the app that Pastor Rick and Michelle used to send pictures throughout the week!
Church service the first night (his system was to change into the next day's clothes after swimming, wear them to dinner, sleep in them, then wear them all the next day until swimming!!)

grilled cheese lunch
twinning with Pastor Rick

 Mountain man shooting a gun. He said, "Any man can wear a coon, but it takes a REAL man to wear a skunk!"
making a beaver trap

water kickball

writing thank you notes to their parents for sending them to camp

An hour wait for the zipline, then H2O extreme (I found out later that THIS picture (plus his pool time) was his only "shower" of the week! Gag!

Day 4
He played putt-putt every day!

tennis baseball, then shaving cream wars

A lot of the boys bought lasers. Will bought one of those and a magic set.

orange team pride!
ice cream after got three hole in ones at putt putt! Then he spent time on the "swingy bench".
church every night!
Serving breakfast the last morning
Headed home!
My baby boys reunite!
W joked with Pastor Scott that he was just going to hand over the journal that I packed for him instead of telling me about camp, but he talked all the way home and all through lunch! (I made him take a shower before lunch-NONE of his toiletries were touched the whole week, gross!)

He told us about the music (he loved their version of "My God is So Big"), said he only missed me the morning after the first night, he  DEFINITELY wants to go next year and that his favorite part was the zipline.
(My favorite part was hearing that when Pastor Rick had a dizzy spell, that W made up a sign for the cabin door telling everyone to be quiet because "Counselor is sick in bed"...Awww!)

Hitting the electronics immediately after lunch!
After screen time was over he spent the rest of the afternoon showing me his magic tricks!
We missed him so much! So glad he had a blast!

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