Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Seventh year of Cow Appreciation

This year we planned to meet my best friend at her Chick-fil-A for a Cow appreciation lunch!
But never one to miss out on free food (and to feed my iced coffee addiction)....
we went to ours at breakfast also!

I was super sad when they said the iced coffee wasn't available, but the manager said it was "ready enough", PHEW! (My drink is mostly sugar and milk anyway!)

This year, anything cow you wear gets you an entrée (no more whole meals), so the boys were relieved to only wear the shirt (watches were their choice).
They were the only ones that didn't go full tilt, though....I added a cow bag to my normal cow day ensemble,

and the ladies that came in after us, even had a SONG!

We ended up waiting a while for our food....

so we also got a gift card for a free entrée! Sah-weet!!

A couple of hours later, we fought the traffic to meet Kari Falk and her boys at her Chick-fil-A for lunch!
It was super crowded, so Kari had saved us a table (near a table of highly entertained and vocal guys) We took turns getting our food. Some pictures from the line...

Not only did we get to dress up, spend time with friends,
AND get FREE salad, sandwich and kid's meals,
but we also saw someone FAMOUS!!
 Kari Falk wanted to get his autograph but didn't want to bug him (plus, she was kinda busy getting in a super close conversation with an old guy, ha ha!).

Some pictures outside...
then we said good-bye (for a couple of hours- until we met again for another summer tradition-the Drive-in movies!)!

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