Sunday, July 10, 2016

Skating, Face-Stuffing, Settler's and Singin'

Friday night, I finally used the Kids Skate Free email coupons I signed up for (perfect opportunity for the boys to wear some of their new shirts)!
There I was, standing in line with my family, (two pairs of socks in my purse) when the nice lady in front of me offered me a free admission (she was saving money by buying a family deal for 4 but only had a family of three) and only asked that I pay it forward! That means our night's entertainment only cost $10!

We walked into the normal skating rink crowd (90% tweens 4% non participating parents, and 5% semi professional middle aged people)  

and spent way too long procuring a locker. Will started out in kids area, but both boys spent a lot of time (going fast, and lifting their feet) on the outer ranges of the big rink.
 This was both of their reactions to hearing the song "Let it Go" from the movie Frozen, ha ha!
Saturday, (after I laughed way too hard over this commercial)  we met Jen and Dan at Maggiano's for dinner!
The kids were cold and unimpressed with the food. We adults didn't seem to eat as much there as we have before (older=less appetite? just the glare from the yellow Mazarati selfies people were taking outside?) but I still managed to eat 1 and 1/2 family size crème brulees! (W straight up called me a "fatty"!)

We came back to our house so I could beat everyone at Catan, (while making a cake and homemade chocolate icing for W's rescheduled birthday for the next day)
and watch Jen win game two! (I also got a handy list of show recommendations to watch on Netflix!)
Somehow, people still had room in their bellies for root beer floats (No caffeine, we want Dan to stay alive!), jalapeno pretzel bread and oreo crème-filled cookies!

We were too full to touch the chips and salsa and meringues, though, or much of the completely unhealthy donut buffet for breakfast the next morning!

At church, we had special guest music, Jimmy Dooley! He was a trendy little guy who promoted child sponsorship. I felt his songs had great words, but that maybe he didn't have a strong enough voice to sing them... He remade the "happy" song, which was cool, but my favorite was when we sang hymns together. (He had much better participation when he asked us to sing, than when he asked us to clap or stay on beat, ha ha!)
 A fun weekend of family and fellowship!

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