Friday, July 1, 2016

VBS 2016

Faith Strong: Get in the Game, sports themed VBS
As always, Betty did a great job decorating.
and love what Bove's did to their classroom!
talked in church....
but only because pastor was talking about the loving the kids get at VBS and said, "The food they have at VBS could be the best food they have gotten all day." and I said Amen! (Pastor actually stopped, said my name! then explained to congregation that I was in charge of the snacks. )

At the end of service, they brought the kids out.

Back at church that night with my snack crew, wearing our VBS shirts (not how they were described, I was disappointed.)
For food, we had hot dogs and popcorn and sprite.
Boys' craft for the night.
Couldn't find a dustpan at the end of the night, so we used a piece of paper!
recap video
Julie from a local Christian radio station was there, and gave the kids Frisbees!

They loved our dog mascot (Brian Reymolds)

That night, the lesson was on encouragement/being cheerleaders for each other. So, we served a cheerleader snack mix-

"Megaphones" (Bugles), flips (choc covered pretzels) and CHEER-ios. Have some fruit on the side because cheerleading is "grape"!

This was the day that we told the boys that Dianna had moved to heaven. B was AWFUL that day from hyper to fighting, crying and then stealing money from my purse and lying about it. So, when I saw his art (construction paper finger) from that night, I made an assumption....

when he described it to E, he said it was a guy farting...

photo opps
lesson- talking about getting injured in sports/trials and tribulations
so for snack we had a medical snack. We used white paper tablecloths (like you sit on when go to the dr.), apples ( to keep the doctor away) "bandaids", and lemonade (yellow liquid in a cup...get it?! ha ha)
We even all wore scrubs to serve it!

B did the minute to win it game that day. He had to throw popcorn into a pumpkin.

Unfortunately, the girl won.
"windsock" craft.

WEDNESDAY, we weren't there because Dianna's viewing was that night. I made some cupcakes and brought them to church around lunchtime (walking into the beginning of a different funeral, oops!)

My workers served cupcakes that looked like soccer balls on green tablecloths with soccer napkins.
THURSDAY- the last night and my birthday!
One of our songs:  world changers

The kids did a sports mobile,
We served super cute team players. (Took me almost five hours on Sat/Sun to hot glue together!) My favorite is the football player!
We had had a long afternoon (funeral), so I was ready to go home, (and poor B went home during songs because he was too sad.) but did stay around to see who lost the penny war/got a pie in the face!

Bove vs Bove.... He came prepared with sunglasses and  nose plugs!
Girls won!
Brad gets a pie!
Never one to "take it lying down", he had a can of whip cream in his pocket for revenge!
Busy week! I was glad for the distraction from everything that was going on with Dianna's funeral etc.

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