Monday, July 18, 2016

Visit with Cousin Z

My nephew Z came to stay with us for a couple of nights. We got in around 8:30, so there was only time for baths and reading the The Old Man Who Learned to Cook for Himself. The plan was for the  boys to all sleep in the same room, but Z liked the idea of having his own rom with a door to sleep in.

The next morning, Z asked me if the bad had a "panda mattress" (bamboo?) because he fell asleep right away! :)

Breakfast was donuts, muffins and (thanks to Uncle E) coffee with a lot of creamer!

At church, we had special music The Victors perform before we continued our series in the book of Jude.
Afterwards, we picked up the boys from their class (Z answered so many questions teacher asked him to let someone else have a chance)
 and went out to lunch at Dickey's BBQ (I had coupons, and I knew it was something Z would eat!)
He loved it!

Car wash on the way home to get rid of all the bugs on the windshield from our road trip to Indiana....
Then the boys all played outside while E mowed the grass (and I napped)!

Z won the afternoon Battleship game by a landslide,
and at dinner (Leftovers), he said," I'm eating like heaven!"

Back at church for the evening service, the adults watched half of Kirk Cameron's Unstoppable and discussed it, and apparently the kids' class just ate!
Then, they got popsicles along with the adults, (Z wanted to save his....uh no.)
and ran races in the parking lot.
Then it was back to our house (a different way because Nosy Parker E wanted to check out the road closure we had seen on the way)
to read The Magic Grinder and go to bed.

Monday called for a lot of rain, so I took Z and the boys to a favorite McDonalds play area, (got kicked out because the air conditioner was broken)
made a Krispy Kreme run to try the new crème brulee donut (meh), did some shopping (B needed play shoes and we found candy bars for 24cents!) and then out to lunch at Chick-fil-A!
Z ate all his food and hinted for another sandwich...He also asked when dinner was because he wanted to know how long he had left and didn't want to leave! 
Back at the house, Z followed our normal weekday schedule...reading together on the couch, (Then, while the little kids napped), silent reading and worksheets before video game time.
After the little kids got up, we all hung out downstairs, where Z built a lot of things out of Legos.
Then the boys helped me prep for dinner. As soon as Dad got here, we ate. (Taco salad, but Z ate chips lettuce (that he cleaned) and cheese.) 
Then it was time to say good-bye! I promised Z that if he got no Ds or F's on his report card that next time, he could stay longer!

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