Sunday, July 10, 2016

W's Belated Bday Party

The birthday boy!
We rushed home from church, changed clothes, grabbed the fridge food

and headed over to the park to set up! I was so nervous about not getting everything done on time that I had even dreamed about making sesame noodles the night before!

Kari Falk came over right away after church, too, to help. She had forgotten her shoes so E grabbed her a pair of my flip flops to borrow before he picked up the chicken wings and ice.
E hung up the ninja lanterns (that got a bit squashed in transit),

 I gave Kari the job of putting the letters on the sign (not an easy task when the wind is blowing!),
W set up the gift boxes
while I worked on the food table!

The drinks...Nya's power (water), ninja Gatorade and Sensei Wu's tea

served in (W made) Ninja cups!

snake fangs
Dragon wings and dragon (I've gotten my money's worth with that pinata! Two baseball parades and now a party!)

The PLAN was to start the party with photo opps (All W's art work!)

and decorating ninja stars (W made these himself!)....
BUT, I forgot the crayons/markers! So while Dan Falk picked up some up, (Thank you so much!!)
since everyone was already there

(from front, L-r. Reagan and Ryan Spear, B, W, Alex and Owen Falk, Caleb Cordes,
Cole Harrington, Spencer and Andrew Bove, Devin Annis, Carson Cordes, Zach Falk)
we went ahead and ate!
Then we did the ninja stars

and played some games!

Air Jitsu aiming. After they spin it, have to stand where it landed. Four farthest ahead got to keep the spinners! (E loved playing this game, ha ha!)

After that, we had the kids (little ones first) go find the "blade cups" that E had hid earlier, and put them in their gift boxes! (Allegedly says "happy birthday" in Chinese...and yes, I know Ninjas are technically Japanese...)
Then it was over to the back of the field for hypnobride tag. The dads (Eric, Dan Falk and Jason Cordes) started as taggers, and once they tagged someone, they became a tagger, too. Last person tagged wins!

The goal of that was to get to the swords from the Shelter house without being tagged. Once all the swords were taken,
we used the swords to get the "bad guys" (balloons) out of Ninjago City (the baseball field) and destroy them. (I made sure to remind them to leave no trace of the bad guys so as not to alarm the citizens.."Can't just leave dead ninjas lying around everywhere!")  I wanted them to herd the balloons back toward the party but the wind didn't really cooperate!

The prize when they were done? They got to eat cake!

Just like W requested, white cake with chocolate icing (homemade!), topped with number 11 and a Lego set. (I had a black icing tube in my purse to write his name on it, but I forgot all about it!)
Everyone gathered around to sing,
W pretended to blow out the imaginary fire (where is a lighter when you need one?!), then I cut the cake and Kari Falk helped me serve it. Everyone wanted the triple decker pieces from the middle!!

After everyone had eaten, it was W's favorite time-Presents
He got Lego sets, money, "booger balls" and (wrapped in Star Wars Christmas paper :)) snap circuits from the Falks!
Everyone else got their blade cup, gummy snakes, a fortune cookie and an orange (good luck in Chinese culture).
E supervised the kids playing on the playground while parents came and I cleaned up.

Despite my not feeling 100% focused (and forgetting the video camera, markers and a lighter), W still said it was "the best birthday ever"!

(He especially loved that we hung up the party sign on his room door!)

Now, I guess W is officially 11!

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