Thursday, August 4, 2016

B is 7!

On his half birthday, made E measure how tall he was since he was "older now". ha ha

When we did the 100th day aging booth app, also downloaded "fatbooth"... ha haha ha
Said he likes Netflix better than video games because it is less work (don't have to push so many buttons) Lazy little thing!

Said everyone in his class is his "BFF, except the bad people".

Put part of an old toy truck over his head while playing outside- called it his "snow helmet"!

Went to Violet's birthday party at Recreations Outlet. Spent most of his time playing with a different girl from their class, Isabella.
Valentine's breakfast!
While discussing pets with his brother, "I'm getting a whale shark!"

Trying out a new career, "electronics expert". He pilfered all the cords in the house and is now "updating our system" to the "access wires"...
At dinner,
B: I'm full, look at my big belly! (holds up his shirt)
Me: What do you say? (Looking for, "May I be excused?"
B: "Look at it!"

Came home from school and I asked him how his day was...
B: "Say hi to my knee."
Me: "Hi, knee."
B: ....
Me: "Hi, knee."
Me:Oh, HINEY! ha haha ha

B: What has four eyes, but no face? MISSISSIPPI!

Said he is starting to not like hotdogs, and has switched his favorite show from Odd Squad to Paw Patrol.

Decided at bedtime that he is going to be a doctor and that I need a checkup immediately! Yep, he is trying to take my temp with the same thing he just stuck in my ear!

His team finished FIRST PLACE in the Bumper Bowling League! (B said, This is the best day ever! I love bowling and trophies!")

Did an advertisement for,
then served a spaghetti dinner at church= another new profession!

Got a phone call from school that he was being disruptive in the classroom and had plenty of warnings...crawling across the room to visit a friend or participating in wrestling matches while the teacher was teaching. Rule is, if you are in trouble at school, you are in trouble at home, so he was in his room for the whole night (except dinner and bath).  After an hour or so, he had his brother deliver this to me:
E said, "You know you are being played, right?" but my heart melted!

Starting asking for salads (lots of Ranch dressing) in his lunches and dinner, because his friend Quentin (same kid from teacher phone call situation) likes them.
After he walked from the bus stop in a very wet snow/rain, I realized he didn't rinse the shampoo from his hair after his bath! Suds!!

Watching Kung Fu Panda on a date with mom!
Finished his third season of basketball
After watching Kung Fu Panda 3, he has decided he wants to "master chi" and "find inner peace" by meditating in his "cave".
silly pics from snapchat!

Ben, trying to convince me that he needs to wear a wife beater to school today (spring picture day) , "But mom, sun's out, gun's out!"

"I'm glad I'm a boy, so I can be the big boss someday." (My girl power leanings are dying right now!)

Ben begged his dad to take him running! A mile and half later, they are back! ‪#‎IHaveNeverEvenRanOurCulDeSac‬ ‪#‎BenCallsRunningFartsEnergyBoosts‬!

Army phase- playing it at recess, reading books about it, watching youtube, reenacting battles with his Transformers...even got his hair cut like an army man!

some pictures he drew during church
Dutifully eating his spinach pie
Looking way too grown up at the "blackout" at church.
On the way to BopBop and Sherry's for Spring Break:
"Dad knows this place like the bottom of his hand!"
Riding in the mule

spring break Alabama road trip snapchat faces

Locked and loaded! His pj pants were full of guns, and his socks were full of Ammo!
E took the boys to the store my second week of volleyball and came home with this. B went out to play on it as soon as he got home from school the next chance he got!
Still in the army phase. E gave him money for the Scholastic Book Fair at school and he got a military animal book and a shark book (just because it had a shark tooth necklace)

Started another year of baseball on the Dragons team.

decided he likes buns with his hotdogs now.

"Learned to blow a bubblegum bubble" VIDEO

We got a letter from the boys' school saying B needed his eyes checked. (Appreciated the head's up, not too happy that they wanted us to fill out a paper and return it.) We took him and he tested with 20/40 vision and picked out some "camo" glasses.

raspberry fingers go great with Peanut butter French toast!
B brought home the journal he wrote in every seeing his phases,
 mammoths (and rear ends)
  and how he thinks we are "bathtists".
Had a blast during W's sleepover with Devin. They called themself "Dizzy", "Fizzy" and "Bizzy".
Four eyes like his momma!
Got a phone call from school :( which prompted this apology note:
Kid's choir musical
and a solo!

 Finished his second year of Sparkies in AWANA at church.
I brought him lunch at school. One more week until he is a second grader!
bruised under eye from baseball practice. "I tried to catch the ball with my face"
Zoo field trip with NR and KH. So glad that KH's mom sent me pictures!
with Mom at W's 5th grade graduation
the lunch bag he made for parade day at school.
Last day of school ice cream!
In the outfield-B goofing around and getting a talking to

My little monkey!

loves playing with his army men (and not wearing a shirt! I have to tell him every morning that he can't be at the table without one!)
at the dentist

Standing directly over the water vent (and screaming "my butt!!") at the splash park
making rootbeer float popsicles
LOVES camo
Talking about his cousin, "Arty has no dug because he is "Doug-less"! ha ha

obsessed with the Goblin King from the Hobbit. Built Goblin Town with W.
visiting Nuna at hospice
Storytime craft at library

Makers Festival at Library
With money from shoe fairy
Covered in dirt at baseball
found old Ipod. Selfie during sleepover at Falks
fun with snapchat
After we told him Nuna moved to heaven on Monday, he had a very rough day. Loud and running around, then punching his brother over pennies, then stealing money from my purse and saying the shoe fairy brought it (and scream crying when caught in the lie), etc.

VBS at our church

Had a harder time with Dianna's viewing and funeral than I thought. When she was sick, he seemed rather matter of fact about it. At the viewing he stood there a long time. He told me he didn't remember how she talked. :( The next day was the funeral.
Playing with cousin Maddy at reception afterward.
He said he wanted to go to VBS that night, but was too upset, and didn't make it past song time.)

With his baseball medal.
Fourth of July
Picture with mom before saw Chateau LaRoche.
His joke after watching Hobbit movies and first of LOTR, "Why did Gandalf fall after meeting the Balrog?"
Me: I don't know why?
B: Because he was part of the FELLowship of the ring! ha haha ha

Writing on a balloon to release at cemetery on Nuna's birthday
duck hair! He does not want a haircut!
Playing in flour after I made Stromboli.

Picked out new bedding so he can have a camo room as a birthday present!

Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-A.
hair parted like brother's
Really into adding things to his Amazon list. Wants a whole Real Tree hunting outfit (pants, shirt, backpack, boots etc). Also wants deer antlers for his wall. I told him he had to actually hunt and bag his own if he wants to hang them up, and even then I'm not even sure if I would let him! He then made me tell him exactly how old he has to be before I let him go hunting.

His picture idea-so funny!
taught himself to do a flip and a jump flip on neighbor friend's trampoline. Showed me his skills at the fair VIDEO

riding bikes in Indiana
mowing with Papaw
Called this Lego piece "morning mom hair". (hey!)
Keeps borrowing my phone to add things to his Amazon wish list. (Obsessed with Real Tree!)

Driving around his cousins! Said our house is "boring" when R and R aren't here.
So proud of his giant sandwich! He ate it all, too!
Camping out at the land with his dad!
(It was so hot-bet he was glad he had gotten his hair cut that day!)

Great eyes! Spotted a deer while bringing flowers to Nuna.
Thought "Hugh" (Johnny Test's dad) was pronounced "Hewg"! ha ha

Because of the popularity of the app game Pokémon Go, the library made up a Pokémon scavenger hunt. We were the first ones to finish! B got to pick out a pin to keep!
At one of the many free/$1.00 movies we watched this summer. He dressed warm because he gets cold and avoided the popcorn I always buy because he was afraid of choking.

Found a grape that looks like a butt....sigh.
At first, I wanted it to be a surprise, but B LOVED being a part of redoing his room!
It's all done (except for an orange bedskirt).
He said "Am I dreaming? This is my dream room,....if it was in a mansion.", but that didn't stop him from having a sleepover with W every night just like the every other night of the summer! (They switch rooms periodically so one person doesn't have to do all the floor sleeping.

He was in the "Trucks" group.

Early birthday lunch at Chuck E. Cheese with the Falks and Neals!
One last sleepover with W's friend, DA, before school starts! (DA recently moved 40 minutes away and won't be going to the same school as W :( ....
B gets all hyper and goes into "show and tell mode" when we have guests over!

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