Monday, August 15, 2016

B's Open House

I wasn't feeling well, so E took B to his school's Open House (under protest, ha ha!).
There are two second grade teachers with similar names, E saw the other one first and assumed I had told him the wrong one.
When they made it to the right class, B dropped off his supplies, picked his seat  (CF, The boy from our church that is in his class was at a different table that filled up fast-probably a good thing.) and made his own name tag.
camo, of course.
He also picked up the backpack/lunchbox we ordered at the end of last year and met his teacher! (He told me at bedtime that he liked her. (When I asked why, he got an embarrassed/shy look on his face- I think he thought she was cute!)
Second grade, here he comes!

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