Friday, August 5, 2016

B's Perfect 7th BirthDay

B's perfect birthday started with the clanging of cymbals! After sleeping in as long as he wanted (in his newly decorated room with his toy gun by his side) , he summoned me to bring him breakfast in bed!
(So glad he changed his mind from his first choice-pancakes that look like the Goblin King!)
After eating, he came out to see the couple of decorations W, his friend DA and I had put up, both inside

(window markers)
and outside!
Then, we headed off to the movies, where B played in the game area, 
got snacks (including the candy I smuggled in),
and watched Shaun the Sheep!

Back at home, he got to play video games, did not have to do his daily worksheets or chores, and talked to Nanny on the phone.

After dad got done talking to the air conditioner repair man, we went out to dinner with Kari, Doug and the kids at B's favorite restaurant, Skyline Chili!
Back at the house, B showed off his room and his new gun from Kari Falk, then we had cake (yellow with caramel icing)
(oops, I overdid the icing and crushed the cake!)
(I want to try a different icing recipe next time.)
and B opened presents!
camo shirt, pants and hat from Nanny and Papaw 
 Lego Rancor pit set and Lego Dimensions Bane and Stay Puft from Sherry and BopBop

He also got Minecraft bow and arrow from Kari and Doug, pajama shorts, a glass screen protector for his iPad, and a new iPod (and the room makeover) from us!
A perfect day for my new seven year old!

He couldn't wait for me to text pictures to Sherry of his Goblin King/Rancor mash up!

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