Sunday, August 7, 2016

Double Bove

We got to spend almost our entire day with our friends from church, the Boves!
First, at a nearby swingset place for their daughter Ava's birthday party (she was actually born on the same day as B),  
pizza and cupcakes
 (I won, 6-1)
 They loved that they looked like hobbits! W wants a fun mirror in his room!
 Then, after a custard break at Freddy's and a nap for me,
 again for dinner and game night at their house!
 The men grilling out 
 kids hanging around 
 More basketball after dinner
 how my kids "play with friends"...sigh
 Varied reactions when I smoked everyone in Quirkle...(I was surprised too!)
 In your face! ha ha ha
Then some fondue, talk of politics, E's verbal contract for redoing our kitchen, and some Olympic watching and we were done!
Fun day with friends!

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