Saturday, August 27, 2016

Family Friend Cookout

My MIL's best friend was named Pam. Her kids and E and Kari grew up together, and we don't want to lose touch now that Dianna is gone, so we planned a cookout!

I made a Fruit Salad (just mixed fruit, 2 tsp vanilla and a generous 1/4 cup powder sugar! Just wished I had used canned pineapple instead of fresh.)
and chocolate chip chocolate chunk cookies (just added chocolate chunks to a chocolate chip cookie mix.) Sara's youngest daughter, K, asked me when I was coming back so she can get more cookies! ha ha
It was sprinkling when we first got there, so we snacked until the rain let up and we could go outside!

Sara had a great backyard all decked out with a playset, a bouncy house, a trampoline, and the boys' favorite, a rope swing! VIDEO
We ate and talked (I put my foot in my mouth over politics-didn't know Pam was a democrat- Sara went off about a lady at our church, and Theresa announced they were planning to move to Florida.
 Sara's husband Chris showed off his igaunas, his drone, let the kids ride Crazy Karts, (VIDEO)
and brought out water balloons.
 Then we headed over to their neighbor's pool.

Kari had her hands full with R&R in the water, and I kept an eagle eye out for my non-swimmers (especially after I saw Mara being face down and pulled out of the water! No one else seemed concerned.)
Fun night!

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