Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Day of School!

Pics (taken Monday so to keep today stress free! I found the shirt at Salvation Army for less than 4.00! His current favorite color and it matched his new shoes, whoop whoop!)
This is why I pick the poses...
On the actual first day, we were up at the crack o' dawn (5:45!!) to go wait at the bus stop in the rain with his trumpet
and a Super Sixth lunch!
After W got on the bus....
and handed over his bus driver gift,
I walked back home and went back to bed!!

Two hours later, it was my baby's turn! He picked the new shirt he got for his birthday.
He was so excited, ha ha
He was so disappointed that the Real Tree shoes that we ordered were too big (the replacements and the matching lunchbox will be here by Friday.),
but he did have a special lunch,
and a gift for his bus driver and teacher!
Another rainy bus wait....
While they were gone, I filled my time shopping for crucial supplies...
did my nails, (I was going with a paper theme this year...)
and made a special treat for my boys!
(Because I knew their first day would be a "piece of cake"! ha ha)
I loved hearing all about their day!

W said his friend Hayley rides the bus,
he was on their for AN HOUR,
his male homeroom teacher was funny,
half of his class was from his elementary school,
he didn't talk to anyone during lunch and wished he had more food in his lunchbox, (even with the second breakfast I packed in his backpack) ,
his favorite part was that he didn't have to go to any classes-just spent the day touring the school and playing games like tug of war, running with a ball between his legs and a group hula hoop relay race! His locker was still broken, so he brought everything back home.

B's first words were "My teacher loves me! Everyone was on green, (no one clipped up or down on the behavior chart) and my tooth is getting looser!"
His only negative was that during recess they had to stay on the pavement because it was so muddy and that some girl named Josie (who was in his kindergarten class) said that he was "her worst nightmare".  (Rude!!) He told us "That's a bucket dripper!" and then proceeded to tell us (in minute detail) everything about a book that talks about bucket fillers and bucket drippers...except the title! ha ha

So glad they both had a good start!
After dinner, we started with our normal school schedule- dinner, chores, homework time, (Nothing was assigned, so they just read for 20 minutes.) then screen time (B is newly OBSESSED with messaging and Siri!)
before getting ready for bed at 8! 

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