Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kitchen Renovation 1- The Planning

I've been wanting to change our kitchen since we moved in over 8 years ago! E always said he didn't want to do anything (like shorten the window) until we could afford to do ALL of it, so when he said that he was "thinking about doing the kitchen" (and then invited our neighbor over to consult/measure) I got right to work!

I took before pictures,
visited Ikea and Home Depot, researched lighting/sinks/faucets and added tons of ideas to my Pinterest kitchen board

then I thought about everything I need to store

 and drew up plans!

E started hesitating so before we ordered the window (step #1), we scheduled a meeting with a cabinet guy to get a general idea of cost. (Right now our plan is to just add more of the same kind/color of cabinets -Schrock Galena.
I would love white/less frou frou- but we will research the options (refacing/buying Ikea boxes etc.) to keep our cost as low as possible!)

So (after E comes to term with the numbers, it should be:
1. window
2. plumbing (moving sink and dishwasher) E wants to try to do this himself.
3. electrical (moving stove, changing overhead lighting, adding/changing outlets)
4. install cabinets (E wants to do a lot of this, too.)
5. countertop
(possibly in the future)
6. backsplash

Super exciting!
So excited!!

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