Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Pizza and Pals

After VBS fun with friends at Chuck E. Cheese!

We had lunch, then set the kids loose!
Silly B!
Dancing with Chuck E.
Dogpile for tickets! My niece R was no joke-she was right in the middle of it all and came out with a whole handful of crumbled up tickets, ha ha!
W got the high score of the day!
W with Alex.
B, cashing in his tickets.
W still had tokens left.
Picking out and getting his prizes!
Group photo!
W's prizes!
Afterwards, Kari and I made a secret trip to Walmart to get a baby gift for our friend Kara!
Looking for size 1 diapers....
Thankfully it was a fast trip, because seven kids in a store is craziness! (Especially since they wanted to all hang around my cart and get baby R to repeat things after them!)

An early birthday present from the Falks for B in the parking lot!

On the way home, I texted W's best friend to see if he wanted me to take him to see a movie with us the next day.... turns out he had moved 40 minutes away and would not be going to the same school as W next year! :( I knew W would be so sad, so I invited DA over for a sleepover that night....

B went into hyper show-and-tell mode and W kept wanting to play on his laptop alone, but they had a blast doing magic, building with Legos, playing music etc. VIDEO
Busy week so far-tomorrow is B's birthday!

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