Monday, August 15, 2016

Summer Bucket List UPDATE

drive in movies
go fishing
Lowe's Build and Grow or Home Depot kid's clinic
lazer tag
glow golf or putt putt
 have a fire

watch fireworks

fried green tomatoes
go hiking

celebrate our 13th anniversary- PFChangs,
try a new restaurant-, Roney's, schoolhouse, Freddy's Steakburger

park-milford big lake,                             milford-creek,
  park in Indiana,                                         home of the brave 
park alex bday,                                         Juliff's-sand and slushies,

veterans park,                                          park kari movies,
school playground,                            clepper park
mcdonalds play area
W to church camp
corn toss
make strawberry jelly (multiple batches because E can go through a jar in two days!)
have a sleepover
play in rain (look how B tucked the umbrella in his armpit, ha ha!)
swim (Hooray for Aunt Kari's pool!)

sprinkler/slip n slide/splash
water balloons
VBS- our church, FBCGE
family walk
yard sales
  go roller skating
watch Princess Bride and Willow (also watched all the newer Hobbit and Lord of the Rings movies)
family pictures
horseback riding  (Didn't do this, but B did ride a camel..)
fair or carnival
 dress up like cows chick fil A day
 go canoeing
catch fireflies/lightning bugs
go to the cheap movies

10 am Mondays and Thursdays $5/10 movies or 1.00 each
June 6, 9 Paddington
June 13, 16 Roadchip
June 20,  23 Snoopy
June 27   30 pan
July 4  7 Home
July 11  14 Boxtrolls
July 18   21 Sandlot
July 25    28 Norm of the North
Aug 1    04 Shaun the Sheep
Aug 8    11 Max
library summer reading program- sign up, complete
library story time- Wed and Thursday 10:30 or 11:30
library maker festival june 18

school reading days AUGUST 9
Do something nice for mailman, trash guys and/or neighbors
buy school supplies- already ordered B's backpack and lunchbox :)

recreations outlet tues wed thurs 9-11 $2 for three people, $1 additional
shoot guns
visit a farmer's market
watch wipeout and American ninja warrior (Discovered Battle Bots!)
make a movie
learn how to use a compass
visit Loveland Castle

go to King's Island/Coney or Great Wolf Lodge (Splash Cincinnati?)
celebrate birthdays-Ninjago party for W, Perfect day for B (and me!)
go bowling- use free coupons cherry grove lanes?
11:00AM - 5:00PM

$1.00 HOT DOG

figure out how old a tree is
W- start trumpet lessons
me-finish 2013b photo book
B- handstand
stay up one night as long as you want
board games
family reunion- Indiana, ohio cousins (wish it wasn't because of funeral)
Dara game. We also played Tapatan!
game night with Jen and Dan
trampoline place / chuck e cheese / scene 75?
doctor and dentist visits
watch planes at airport

frozen yogurt
Dickey's BBQ on a Sunday
park picnic- ice/slushee,chicken,pbj,sub/lunchable,
ice cream, -floats/sundaes/frosted lemonade/ice cream truck/frosties/snow cones/blizzards
popsicles, slushies
 ice cream for a whole meal
homemade popsicles
  happy hour drinks- Taco Bell, Sonic slushies, Steak n Shake milkshakes etc.
strawberry shortcake
corn on cob
fruit and marshmallow cream cheese dip
make instant coke slushy
grasshopper soda float we did yahoo and mint chocolate chip "smoothie")
or frozen hot chocolate (caramel?) or dole whip
grill out
cheesecake with the girls
burger cupcakes
w and B cook all food for one day. teach w how to use veggie steamer, make grilled cheese
donuts on donut day
National night out (Was on B's birthday and he didn't want to go.) 
rootbeer stand
s'mores/campfire cones- I LOVE s'mores with just graham cracker, marshmallows and blackberries!
Rally's French fries

We also made booger balls, drew with window markers, made microwave meringues, blew and ate edible bubbles!

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