Sunday, September 18, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday, Artie!

Today we celebrated my nephew turning 2 (His actual birthday isn't for a week or so, but it conflicts with hunting season.)!
It was very casual and laid back. Don and Sue, Megan Dever, Diedre and Dylan and Matt and Amy came.

I made punch to go with the awesome Blaze and the Monster Machines cake and traffic light brownies! Kari also made buffalo chicken dip, pigs in a blanket

 and rented a giant bouncy house!
 It wasn't just fun for the kids.....
E playing dodgeball!

 and basketball!

  He showed no mercy on the kiddos, ha ha!

Doug was styling in the Blaze Hat! The guys talked in the grass,
 and I got to talk kitchens on the deck with Sue!

How Arty shows that he is two:
 Kari ordered Papa John's Pizza for dinner!
 The birthday boy mooched off of a lot of plates, ha ha!

 Then he hitched a ride with Diedre (aka "mom") and checked out Matt and Amy's baby, C.
 Present time! (I heard R say, "But we can share the presents..." She cheered the loudest every time he opened something new!)
Diedre had this super cute football shirt made! 
We got him something he needed (sweat pants) and a coloring book, which my kids were very disappointed about. I assured him that next year, we will get him something fun. 

 Time for Cake!
 I asked Arty to show me Blaze, but instead of showing me what is in his hand, he shows me the one on his cake!
 Separating the two layers of cake was a group project...
 A quick outfit change, then it was back outside for Arty's last gift
and water on the slide portion of the bounce house!
Even though the wind made it a little chilly, the kids played until dark, then we chatted a bit (Megan Dever threw me under the bus for my secret home improvement plans.) and snagged some leftover pizza (for the boys' lunches on Monday) before going home.

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