Sunday, September 11, 2016

Kitchen Renovations Step 2: Ordering and Waiting

After getting a price from the only place in town that sells our current (maple, natural colored frou-frou galen style Schrock brand) cabinets, we decided that if we are going to spend that kind of money, we should see how much it costs to get exactly (the style/color) that we want.

So, while E was at the land installing a new stove in the "cabin" with Doug....
The boys and I were in the middle of a two hour kitchen cabinet planning/ordering meeting at Lowes! (A big storm rolled through and all the electricity and registers went down, but the computer we were designing on didn't!! I told my friends that Jesus wanted me to have this kitchen, ha ha!)

I picked the Diamond company Wallace style in coconut color (love that it had a food name like the paint colors in our dining room and entry!) to go with our current floor tile and my dishes (cabinet on left)
and designed it to hopefully maximize storage and counter space.
(this is the first one, before we made a few little changes)

With the current 20% off sale, 50% paint promotion, and 5% discount for opening a Lowe's credit card, the estimate was less than just getting 5 more of our current cabinets from Huber Hardware!

The boys had been so good and patient, that I took them out to dinner(Chipotle), then we went home and watched Star Wars before bed.

Lowe's 50% paint promotion (which saved us 500.00!) only lasted for two more days, so we had to act fast! After the Bengals game the next day (today) we went to the Lowe's together and placed our order!
 We saved $1, 000 (400.00 overall, and an extra 600.00 from gift card rebate)!
4-6 weeks until I get new cabinets!!! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!
 While we wait, we will have the window (Came in on Friday.) replaced by our neighbor and the plumbing done. Unfortunately for me, none of that is something I can do. I've been in such a "project" mood- (Fall does that to me.)!
Since E vetoed me refacing our stairs or putting up chair molding
FOR RIGHT NOW (It will happen people!) , I've ordered wall mounts for the TVs, (the one in the livingroom swivels so E can watch football from the dining room on Sunday at lunch)

am researching backsplash and (light) countertop options, and plan to make some unauthorized changes downstairs....:)
UPDATE- I realized that night that I had completely forgotten to order a cabinet for over the stove! It took two days of calling (because my lady was on vaca and the other lady was off) but we got it ordered...412.96, gulp!

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