Monday, September 5, 2016

Labor Day in Alabama

Friday-We called the boys off of school for a Road Trip!
B took a lot of pictures on his iPod.
stopped at two Krogers to try to say hi to Aunt Babe. (We also got razers. When I told E I forgot them, he said well didn't you save yesterday? He obviously doesn't understand how being a girl works! ha ha)
Lunch picnic at a rest stop!
E loves getting his picture taken :)
Clear vs Regular Pepsi taste test (VIDEO)

When we arrived, we got to meet Sherry's dad and stepmom. (photo by B.)
We toured the framed downstairs/future guest rooms, went swimming, ate baked spaghetti and waited for Kari and the kids to arrive (she got a late start because her car was being fixed.)!
While the men went golfing,
The rest of us enjoyed breakfast pizza and sausage cream cheese crescents for breakfast, swam in the pool and hung out around the house 
Lunchmeat sandwich and all kinds of sides, then more swimming!
The horseflies were bad!
Headed back to the house in style!
Sherry and I had made another trip to Dollar General, and I got the boys decked out for the big game that night!
It was a blowout, and very late before we could set up our beds in the living room!

Kari requested that Tom make his famous omelets!

The kids LOVE riding in the Mule!
Morgan came in from school. B made one of his pictures of her his screen saver!
B, chillin' in the hammock
Leftover buffet for dinner.
Time for a song,
and some s'mores!
W sat far away from the fire because it was too hot. Reagan sat with him when she came out because she was afraid the fire was going to be too loud! After W ate his s'more, he put himself to bed!
B, snuggling with Sherry
My turn with W!
We called it a night after B started asking Sherry's Dad and Pam if he could get in the hot tub with them!
Back on the road early the next morning!
We stopped at Zaxby's for lunch (obviously hadn't learned our lesson from Spring Break, because the  same thing happened- we got stuck in traffic with no place to pull off,
B was crying he had to pee so bad! GPS said nearest gas station was 38 miles! Long story short, we ended up traveling with a water bottle full of pee!
When we finally got to an exit, we loaded up on snacks.
 Good thing, because our 8 hour trip took 11 hours!
E kept saying "Why?!?!" (I'm sure my picture taking helped, ha ha!)
So much for recovery time! Back to the "real world" early tomorrow morning!

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