Monday, September 12, 2016

Pageant Night

After a short Sunday afternoon nap and a drama-filled church service (shocking announcement and prayer about church discipline-yikes!) Pageant night was just what I needed!

Food, pjs, tiaras and sashes-
secret selfies by our photo taker
making Kari Falk "relive her childhood" by drinking orange flavored chemicals (She said they tasted like the stuff that tests your blood sugar when you are pregnant so I took it away from her-ungrateful!)

lots of pausing to talk (about snuggling, dreams, church, baby dedications, paint colors/hardwood floors, hidden camera, work drama, delivery nurses/stories, kidney stones, them teasing me about how perfect E is and how we sleep with a thousand pillows and Kara's former love of Nelly-she knows the Country Grammar album word for word!)

oh yeah-and a pageant!
strange skinny cohost,  truth bombs from Kari Falk -"These girls are ugly!", contestants trying to talk and pose in gale-force winds, a Kate Middleton and a Winnie Cooper, some DFP and mediocre talent (baton twirling?!), bikinis that looked like underwear .....then  a sense of relief when neither the old chick nor the liberal red-head (Miss TX ) won anything. (We liked KY and one of the Carolina girls.) The best part was the judges faces!

Kari barely made it to the end....                 "I'm awake!"
but we made it through! Love our pageant nights!

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